Single Origin Selects
Single Origin Selects

Single Origin Selects

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These single origin coffees have been roasted to highlight the unique regions they are from.

Costa RicaThis coffee packs a subtle punch of citrus notes that always leave your palate wanting more. It’s slightly tangy and tart flavours balance wonderfully taken black, or enjoyed with milk and sugar.

Guatemala:   Among the most recognizable of Central American coffee, this variety exemplifies the careful balancing act of bringing out the richer notes of a dark roast without losing a coffee’s natural charm.  Look for notes of tree nuts and toffee.

Monsooned Malabar:  These exotic beans go through many months of monsoon rain season before they reach our Roastery, which leave them with a much lower acidity. It’s a true favourite of ours and our customers. Discover mellow hints of chocolate with a backbone of cashew nuttiness

3 - 340g bags