Roasting coffee is our passion. It always has been.  Its been the backbone and foundation of everything we do.  Our head roaster got his first taste of roasting coffee on a converted popcorn maker.  Our founder by baking on a cookie sheet in an oven.  Both developed their passion for freshly roasted coffee by roasting at home, in their kitchens. 

We want to extend that experience and opportunity to you.  There is nothing like the smell of freshly roasted coffee.  Similar to when you brew your first pot in the morning, only better.  And Roasting beans at home is easy and requires little to no investment.  Whether you want to roast in a sheet in the oven, a pan on the stove, in a popcorn maker or more sophisticated home roasting equipment we are here to help.

Check out our upcoming classes to help you take your home roasting to the next level. Introductory classes start early in 2020 and due to the current situation class sizes are quite small and will fill quickly.

Roasting Class – Introduction to home Roasting


Green Beans