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Premium Sample Pack

Premium Sample Pack

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This is a collection of our most premium single origin coffees.  Includes five 100g sample bags.  Each bag will make a typical pot in a home brewer (64 oz) or 2 french presses. 

Panama:  Dark Cacao and nuttiness are prevalent in the profile of this bean, accentuated by a medium roast level.  As well rounded coffee, it still has a pleasant acidity present.  This is classic tasting, approachable coffee to please any palate.  We have roasted this full bodied, sweet and aromatic selection to a Light roast to ensure we are letting the black honey process shine. 

Costa Rica Black Honey Process:  Black Honey is known for its wine like fullness and richness. This laborious, expensive, and complex way of drying coffee allows it to ferment with the cherries left on, but takes up coffee drying beds for longer periods of time, almost double the amount of yellow processing.

Costa Rica Yellow Honey Process:  During the Honey process the coffee mucilage is left on the bean and not washed away.  This specialty process creates a unique identity and taste into the coffee and once dried the sugars from the mucilage impart a distinct sweet flavour for the coffee.

Nicaragua:  This exciting coffee undergoes anaerobic fermentation right after drying.  This process creates a distinct funky fruitiness, which can even be noticed before roasting. In the cup you will find a full body not normally found in such light roasts.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe:  These beans are often small and need to be roasted delicately and with care and this can be quite tricky.  We chose to roast these beans light to enhance the distinctive floral notes.  You will experience flavours like berries, chocolate and wine.