Our Team


Dylan Lee

Wholesale, Production and Operations Manager

Dylan has been a devoted employee since 2012. He is the first contact
behind each wholesale order ensuring the client is happy and well taken care of. He wears many hats, as he is in charge of inventory, packing quality, invoicing, and has some experience in roasting. Coffee has been a passion of his for a number of years and enjoys continuing to educate himself on the vast amounts of learning that coffee can bring.

Favorite Coffee: Light Roast Costa Rican Tarrazu

Noah Cook

Operations Manager

Noah is a soccer lover who enjoys watching the big games with an exotic coffee and his bulldog Bella. He is currently studying Urban Planning at the University of Waterloo. Right now, Noah is passionate about perfecting his V60 technique and experimenting with new and funky coffee products. He recommends Fireside for new coffee drinkers and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe for those a little more adventurous. 

Favourite Coffee: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Mark Connolly

Roastmaster General
Mark has been with Fire Roasted since 2017, and in 2020 was promoted to the role of Head Roaster. His journey in coffee started many years before, when he challenged himself to make the best cup of coffee he could. Down the rabbit hole he went, and before long he had built his first coffee roaster – a vintage popcorn popper with added programmable temperature control.
Mark’s varied past in manufacturing, engineering, and coffee shops make him well suited to his role. He pours his technical knowledge and DIY attitude into every bean, to continually improve his process. He recommends you try any of the funky natural process coffees on offer.
Favorite Coffee: Nicaragua Anaerobic
Mark Navackas

While working for some of London's most premier businesses, Mark has acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise that made his transition to Fire Roasted Coffee quite seamless. From learning about process maturity at Info-Tech Research Group, to exceptional service standards at the London Hunt Club and Waldo’s, Mark has been fortunate to learn from the very best the city has to offer. 

Mark's role is to make sure that he has people in place to cover all the core roles and enable their success by providing the right tools and guidance. He believes that his team has made his role easy by taking ownership of their work, continuously exceeding expectations, identifying areas for improvements, and solving problems / challenges on their own.

 By making incremental improvements starting with process maturity, Mark and the team have been able to roast some of the most amazing beans in the country. They now deliver and provide a service level that is way above any of their competition.  

 Despite the enormous amount of change the team has gone through, and the ongoing pandemic challenges, this team continues to succeed. Mark is grateful for his incredible team and is looking forward to their continued success!

Favourite coffee: Costa Rica Honey Process

Ellie Marshall
Head Barista

In early 2017 Ellie had learned about our café and became a regular customer after trying our hot chocolate. She said it was the best she’s ever had and we whole-heartedly agree with that statement! A few months after, she began her journey of becoming the talented barista she is now. Ellie particularly focuses on espresso skills, and making sure every latté looks picture worthy. She is excited to be a lead in a new project, and can't wait to share it with you!

Favourite coffee: Fireside 

Colin Berlett 

VP of Sales

Colin recently joined the team, focusing on increasing distribution of our coffees across our online and wholesale channels.  Prior to joining Fire Roasted, Colin has held positions in Sales and Account Management at Info-Tech Research Group and Dominion Automobile Association. He is a lover of fine coffees and prefers those that are naturally processed.  

Favourite Coffee: Costa Rica Honey Process