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Sample Pack

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Not sure where to start?  This collection of our 5 most popular blends and single origin coffees is sure to contain your next favourite. Includes five 100g sample bags.  Each bag will make a typical pot in a home brewer. 

Costa Rica:  This single origin coffee packs a subtle punch of citrus notes that always leave your palate wanting more. It’s slightly tangy and tart flavours balance wonderfully taken black, or enjoyed with milk and sugar.

Fireside:  Smooth and well-balanced, the ratios of Guatemala and Brazil coffees give this medium roast blend distinct notes of chocolate and caramel.

Expression:  Our flagship espresso combines a base of Central and South American with East African coffees to produce a shot that is light, sweet, and with just the right espresso kick to enjoy on its own or as part of a specialty latte or cappuccino.

Guatemala:  Among the most recognizable of Central American coffee, this variety exemplifies the careful balancing act of bringing out the richer notes of a dark roast without losing a coffee’s natural charm. Dark chocolate and molasses notes fill this cup, carried on a smooth body that will please even the most discerning coffee drinkers.

Grand Bend BikerThis is coffee "number 1" for good reason. This blend is unique and highly complex thanks to its blend of Guatemala, El Salvador and India.

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