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Sample Pack

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Not sure where to start?  This collection of our 5 most popular blends and single-origin coffees is sure to contain your next favourite. Includes five 100g sample bags.  Each bag will make a typical pot in a homebrewer. 

Costa Rica:  This single-origin coffee packs a subtle punch of citrus notes that always leave your palate wanting more. Its slightly tangy and tart flavours balance wonderfully taken black, or enjoyed with milk and sugar.

FiresideFor cold snowy mornings by the fireplace or warm summer nights by the campfire, Fireside is coziness in a cup! It is a medium roast coffee that is smooth and chocolatey with notes of caramel. We used beans from Brazil and Guatemala and roasted them to a medium level to mimic the comfort of a tame campfire.

ExpressionOOM! For the goal crushin’ and the paper chasin’, Expression is your key to winning. We’ve created this blend for those who light up every room!  Expression is a combination of Central and South American and East African coffees to produce a shot that is smooth, with notes of cardamom and green apple. 

Guatemala:  Guatemala is a staple in our coffee selections as it is perfect for blending. We roasted it at 445 degrees making it a dark roast. You will notice rich, toffee and nutty flavours in this full-bodied coffee. It is our most used coffee, being in several of our most popular blends.

Grand Bend BikerJust like an adventurer - daring, content and cheerful - Biker is perfect at the start of a long road trip, a busy workday and everything in between! We've created this blend for those who need an extra caffeine boost to take on the escapades of the day.  Biker is a smoky and rich blend with notes of charred hickory. We used beans from India, Honduras and Guatemala and roasted them dark to bring out their complexities. 

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